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Thanks to world-class data center and international standard security control, PCCW Solutions provides a reliable, secure and flexible server hosting platform to host your application server, database server, web server, or whatever you require. Our server cloud hosting platform provides full control of all your virtual resources and virtual server in order to meet new business opportunity, testing and development requirements in a world-class data center, while eliminating the need for initial server infrastructure investment.



Enables remote access and management of the virtual server via the Internet


Provides world-class infrastructure located in a data center accredited with ISO 27001 certified security management


Enables on-demand subscription to different virtual resources such as CPU, memory and disk storage Provides a ready-to-use pre-configured virtual server template for efficient provision Enables users to create a user-defined* virtual server template

Manageability and full user control

Provides a centralized management interface Enables users to take full control to manage the server and install applications

Customer benefits

Cost effectiveness

A pay-as-you-go approach eliminates the need for upfront investment, enabling you to cut capital expenditure for short-term and ad hoc projects

Total control

Everything is controlled by you – even the contract period, which can run from just one month upwards

Flexibility and scalability

Server resources are available to you at any time, as and when you need them – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can scale resources at very short notice when facing a rise or fall in demand

World-class service

Enjoy a secure and reliable service running at PCCW Solutions’ carrier-grade data centers

Cloud-based Backup Service (Add-on feature*)

You can enjoy our reliable and secure Cloud-based Backup Service backed by our world-class data centers with 100Mbps internet connectivity for just HK$88 per month for every 100GB of disk storage. Additional storage is available for an extra charge.

Data backup

  • File Systems for Windows and Linux
  • Databases (including Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Email Servers (including Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes

Data restoration

  • Self-service data retrieval any time, as needed
  • Eliminate the need for multiple retrievals from numerous points

*Not included in standard offerings but can be provided based on user requirement and subscription


User-driven backup configuration

subscribers have full control of backup configuration. A simple user interface enables you to manage your backup job settings with ease:

  • Schedules
  • Mode (including full, incremental and differential)
  • Backup set version control

Data protection

we ensure that your data is secure and well protected by the following advanced technologies:

  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • Integrity checking

Proactive notification

subscribers are notified of backup job status by email. You will also receive email notification of job result and any errors encountered:

  • Reports of usage statistics, as well as performance

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