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Regen8, a full-service digital marketing agency, aims to help clients regenerate customer experience across all digital channels through innovative marketing solutions and results-driven approach. From design to implementation, Regen8 provides tailored solutions and unique services to meet clients’ specific business needs. With combined capabilities of multimedia, entertainment and information technology from PCCW Group, Regen8 empowers clients to keep up with the digitally savvy consumers.

Value Proposition

  • Raise brand awareness and extend market reach
  • Empower digital marketing transformation
  • Generate leads and business opportunities
  • Elevate business growth with increasing marketing ROI
  • Nurture customer relationship at all digital touch points

Solutions Highlights

Digital Experience Design & Implementation

Aligning your business goals with the target segments, we create optimized digital experiences ...


Digital Marketing Outsourcing

By outsourcing your digital marketing functions to Regen8, our experienced team can ramp up your marketing efforts...


Brand Content Strategy & Production

Our content strategists incorporate the power of storytelling into your content marketing strategies...


Digital Marketing Consulting & Planning Services

Through data analytics and optimization, we help clients devise effective digital marketing strategies with tangible results...


Interactive Event Planning

With all the new elements brought by technology advancement, we can make your events stand out by offering attendees...


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