Data Center

Data Center Overview

Mainland China’s rapid economic growth is prompting many foreign enterprises and multinational corporations to establish regional support centers in Hong Kong and mainland China to capture business opportunities.

Ownership of extensive data center networks in Hong Kong and mainland China enables PCCW Solutions to provide unique cross-border data center solutions. We have expanded our portfolio in Malaysia to address the surging data center demand, supporting enterprises and hyperscale cloud providers to drive business growth and expansion to Asia Pacific markets.

PCCW Solutions holds more than 20 years’ experience in data center services. This has generated considerable technical know-how and proven methodologies and processes in the field of data center design, build, operation and transfer.

We can assist you in designing and building data centers and overall IT infrastructure to support your business throughout Asia Pacific and Greater China. Our provision of a secure, efficient and reliable data center platform for your mission-critical IT systems and applications enables you to focus on your core business with total peace of mind.

Our Commitment

As your IT partner, we are committed to adding value to your business by providing superior service and support. We blend a comprehensive range of offerings from basic network and facility services to reliable hardware and software platforms, managed services outsourcing and consultancy.

Moreover, PCCW Solutions offers the highest quality IT infrastructure services, designed to meet the needs of an organization’s e-Business operations. Consistent delivery of high-quality service in a timely manner means our customers can enjoy peace of mind.

Unique Competitive Edge


Power: Redundant (2N) uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, backed up by multiple units of diesel power generators, in the event of citywide power outages

Temperature: Redundant air-conditioning chiller plants and an environmental control system to monitor changes in temperature

Fire: FM200 gas-based fire suppression and fire alarms linked to nearest fire service stations

Water: A sophisticated environmental control system monitors changes in humidity and leakage

Connectivity: Multiple carriers with dual lead-in policy to guarantee non-stop operation of services


Round-the-clock security officers

Continuous closed circuit TV surveillance cameras with digital recording

Advanced biometric security devices

Two-factor door access control (proximity card reader and biometric)


Flexible in accommodating client needs in terms of space provision and equipment allocation

Proven track record in providing scalable hosting and connectivity services

Green Data Center

PCCW Solutions’ data center environmental management system has been certified to the ISO 14001 standard. All facilities such as UPS, air-conditioning, generators and E&M services feature the latest energy-saving and environment-care technologies available.

Our generators are extremely environment-friendly in terms of low levels of gaseous emission, smoke discharge and noise, while UPS batteries are air transport compliant and chillers generate low levels of noise and use environment-friendly refrigerant with zero potential for ozone depletion.

The cooling system has been designed to run at the highest level of efficiency. A hot aisle/cold aisle rack layout design, coupled with a high raised floor and minimal facilities underneath, provides a high volume of uniform cold air moving up the cold aisle, passing through servers and moving to the hot aisle before returning to the CRACs. Cold air does not mix with hot air and is able to circulate servers smoothly. The air output of the cold aisle can be adjusted to meet the cooling requirements of adjacent racks. Increasing cold aisle output caters for higher heat density racks, while lowering cold aisle output for lower heat density racks saves energy.

The quality of our overall energy-saving design enables our data centers to achieve best power usage effectiveness and helps our customers benefit from low electricity charges.